How many ADA's are there in relation to one bit coin given the total number of respective coins?


Anyone know, is the math 45 billion divided by 21 million ?


There would be ~2,142 ADA per 1 BTC given the arbitrary supply cap on ADA.

From what I understand.


Out of pure interest, 45 billion divided by 7.6 billion equals around 5.9 ADA per person globally.


Pretty cool.


Interstesting thanks


How many love laces to satoshis is it 21? Am
I right in saying that bitcoin has 9 zeros to ada’s 6?

From Redit …

‘ADA 1,000,000 x 45,000,000,000 = 4.5 *10^16

BTC 100,000,000 x 21,000,000 = 2.1 *10^15

BTC has more satoshis than ADA has lovlaces. So if you look at the number of the lowest possible unit of each coin ADA only has 21x the number of satoshis. Its all where you put the decimal and extent of Percision’

In which case you could argue that 21 ada’s are really worth one bit coin.