How much Cardano (ADA) should you have? Answer 2,142.857143 ADA

I just finished watching the video below by @philpa

How much Cardano (ADA) should you have?

Around the server room we utilize a very sparse formula for when asked that very question:

(45,000,000,000 (ADA Max Supply) / 21,000,000 (BTC Max Supply)) = 2,142.857143 ADA

With the above recipe you now know, relative to BTC, how much ADA you should have.

The formula is quite elegant and powerful in its simplicity.

At 0.07 USD x 2,142.857143 ADA = 150.00 USD
That’s right you can buy 1 BTC today (2018-09-12) for $150

Of course, 2,142.857143 ADA, is worth way more than one BTC but no one has learned of Cardano yet, so you have to start somewhere. :wink:

Added 2018-09-15

A Cardano holder just told me they are a Cardano millionaire because they have 1,250 ADA. When I asked how they came to that number they said they came across this post and substituted world millionaires for BTC.

(45,000,000,000 (ADA Max Supply) / 36,000,000 (Millionaires in the world)) = 1,250 ADA

They went on to tell me there are 7.5 billion people on the planet:
(45,000,000,000 (ADA Max Supply) / 7,500,000,000 (world population) = 6 ADA for every person.

I thought I would pass their thinking along.


Even better. This is perfect.


Nice, so if ADA in 9 years is where Bitcoin is today then: 1 ADA = $3.06

Need a good name for this number, “BTC Scarcity Equivalent” maybe?


What happens to Cardano after 2020? I recall Charles mentioning in one of his updates that Cardano was funded to 2020. What happens after 2020?

I don’t understand that maths … it’s all wrong! it should be value against value not amount against amount. Does not make sense at all. At the moment 1 ADA is only 0.00001060 of a Bitcoin. Let us not sell clouds! I believe that ADA can match Bitcoin tangibly not virtually.

Good question Bradley

We vote on future development!
Like Charles, vote to keep IOHK around, or don’t.

Marvelous isn’t it.

Understand that it is relative to BTC quantity, not quality as was mentioned in the last paragraph.

@Bradley20111 was worried about funding. if in 2020 the market is still this miserable, it is unlikely that from the transaction fees the treasury will have enough to fund the project further?

‘should have’ with what goal in mind?

if I am not mistaken your formula just tells me how much ADA I should have to match a 1 Bitcoin value in case ADA replaces Bitcoin’s success.
So holding 2,142 :ada: in a hyped year as 2017 will get me to $20k

am I missing something?


Thats why we will be rolling the printing presses.

Charles came up with this great idea where everyone wins… Since fees are a drop in the bucket. We just expand the ADA supply and pay stake rewards and treasury with these ADA… So nobody has to pay. We just all get paid. Its kinda like magic.

The OP is just taking Poetic License to demonstrate, in a cute way, that it only takes $150 to get started… implying that at at these prices, it’s a great time to get in. Besides, don’t all valuation formulas start with Market Cap or Max Supply? Don’t be a digit head. Show some imagination. If Cardano doesn’t make us all Rich, the whole ship has sunk!


That is correct, 20k or whatever, relative to BTC.

I posted this under random, fun, don’t read too much into it, as you know Cardano is not just a store of value, it will have velocity, utility, a purpose beyond a wallet. The uninformed have trouble with the supply, 45,000,000,000 ADA Max Supply looks scary to them.

Yes, by participating in the protocol, staking directly or selecting a pool(s) will benefit from ADA creation.


OP is simply saying that 1 BTC will be as scarce as 2,142.857143 ADA . So if a person out there had a goal of owning 1 BTC because of it’s anti-Inflationary properties, you might likewise want to own 2,143 ADA for the same reason.


Unfortunately if your math is correct then it means that Cardano will have resolved absolutely nothing about the problem of centralisation of wealth in the world.

That would be sad and wish we’d share a more decentralised view of the future. :o)

you don’t account for the fact that ADA is a measure of Lovelaces (1 million), where BTC is a measure of satoshis (100M). Therefore, your number is off by a factor 100. You should have 21 ADA. :smiley:

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