How much energy is needed?

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I would like to know how much energy consumption is needed for all ADA transactions as opposed to Bitcoin transactions.
We all know that Bitcoin transactions consume alot of energy.
Does ADA solves this issue?


Charles commented on this exact point :slight_smile:


Cardano will consume as many electricity as will be required to run all the computers (servers) that run nodes. So if there will be around 100 pools - you may (very simplified) assume that the whole network consumes electricity of a 100 computers going. So about the same as 4 school computer classes :slight_smile:


I would specify that this are not computers running at full throttle like Proof-of-work miners who has to guess the hash input as fast and with as most energy as possible.
Cardano/ADA’s Ouroboros Proof-of-Stake protocol does solve these things not with brute force but with scientific elaborated and refined smart logic.

I would recommend watching this video:


Yes, a great explanation. @doshin100, you can also find basics about Proof-of-Stake in Cardano specifically in this video:

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Based on the TV figure Charles provided even if there were 1000 nodes the energy consumption would be tiny - about 240 MWh a year. That’s the average annual energy consumption of 24 US households.

You could install .250 MW of Solar that could supply the whole network at 1000 nodes. That’s nothing. Obviously that’s theoretical because of decentralization, and many nodes will probably be using services like AWS, etc. But fun to think about the fact you 'could ’ run the whole network with a few tiny solar installations scattered throughout the globe.


Thank you guys.
This is what I was looking for.