How stake pool change to inactive state?

Stake pool has 2 modules,
block producer / relay

block producer’s role is create transaction, and core
relay’s role is connector of external.

above is my understanding about pool cluster.

if I have 1 block producer and 2 relays and if 1 relays was shutdown, is it okay?

when if 1 block producer was shutdown is fault?

So I want to know how stake pool change to inactive.

Yes, the Producer will still be connected with the network via 2nd relay


What do u mean by inactive?


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Hello @Alexd1985,

meaning of inactive is fault.

so if there is no relay

1 block is okay, 2 relay was shutdown. -> is fault status?

and I want know 1 more questions,

how long fault status can’t get reward?

As long the fault exist and blocks can’t be created

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