How to apply array params to validator?

Hello, everybody.
I have a validator which has paramer type of List<ByteArray>

validator (params: List<ByteArray>) {
  func testscript(redeemer, context)

And when I create a validator and applyparams, I use the below code.

const compiledCode = blueprint.validators[0].compiledCode;
const ParamsSchema = Data.Array(Data.Bytes());
type Params = Data.Static<typeof ParamsSchema>;
const Params = ParamsSchema as unknown as Params;
const appliedCompliedCode = applyParamsToScript(compiledCode, [["1234", "5678"], Params),
return {
  type: "PlutusV2",
  script: applyDoubleCborEncoding(appliedCompliedCode),

But it didn’t work.
It gives me error like this.

error: Uncaught (in promise) "Redeemer (Mint, 0): Failed to deserialise PlutusData using UnListData:\n\nCon(\n    Data(\n        BoundedBytes(\n            BoundedBytes(\n                [\n                    216,\n                    121,\n                    159,\n                    66,\n                    18,\n                    52,\n                    66,\n                    86,\n                    120,\n                    255,\n                ],\n            ),\n        ),\n    ),\n)\n\nExBudget {\n    mem: 132,\n    cpu: 32347,\n}\n\n"

Can anyone help me?