How to connect a cardano node to the testnet?

What is the configuration required to run a cardano-node that connects to the testnet? There is no clear information about this in the cardano documentation. It would be nice to have a HOWTO document explaining this at cardano official site

You mean connect an SL-node (like Daedalus) to the testnet? If so - then there’s no public testnet at the moment for this. They are working on one to test pools and decentralisation on, so there will be one somewhere in the next months. But not at the moment.

There’s a smart-contracts testnet, tho:

Yes, that was the question. Then I guess that the only way to test a system that uses the wallet api for transactions is working at the real blockchain. Isn’t it?

Many thanks for the info!

Yeah, for now that’s the only way :man_shrugging: At least it’s cheap as heck, atm, and fees are low, so few bucks worth of ADA should be more than enough to send it around for testing :slight_smile: