How to do Peer Review?

I notice the value of having a peer review, but how would one go about to do that?
Is it based on Country, do I need to take contact to a local university or is it a global lobby that will do this review?
Is it based on subject or technology?
I live in Norway, so if anyone could point me in the correct direction that would be lovely.


Charles discusses this extensively in the recent Surprise AMA at 1:19:50. You can confirm the information with an Internet search.


I would say you really need to be an academic to get into that. Some independent researchers publish (peer review is always pre-publication) but I think they’re almost all previously academics and “know the ropes”.

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Well, I am not an academic at all, but somewhat articulate and very solution oriented.
My goal is to define Industry 5.0, and how product handling through our online solution will interact with cardano, creating several new functions. Going from a digital solution, back to a physical product, which should be very viable to do based on the effort done (and still ongoing) in Industry 4.0 for automation in manufacturing.

I found this page to be helpful.


IOHK’s Chief Scientist, Prof Aggelos Kiayias, explains more about the need for peer-review in this video: