Hey all,
at the end of the interview with Crypt0 Charles spoke about their working method and peer-review. This is a really imortant topic so i decided to make a little video with this part and some intresting links in description.
Hope more people realize how important it is.


At the end he (only) mentioned Netscape.
Not to forget successful things like HTTP(S), TCPIP, Linux, Kerberos, 802.11 and many more.


“Peer review is not just posting a god damn paper online having your friends look at it and say it’s open-source. It’s saying I’m gonna take it to the most qualified people I can who have an incentive to say i’m stupid to have those people look at my thing attack it as much as possible an only after they beat me up for a bit will they accept it …maybe”


This is an awesome topic, and thank you @Chris28 for the video!

Can anyone please help me to understand, what conferences he mentions at 2:15? He says: “…have been done thru a peer review process, whether it be <?>, or <?>, or Crypto, or EuroCrypt.” What are the first two?

Thank you!

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I’m guessing: That one sounding like ‘ASC’ could by AsiaCrypt.


Thank you! I have suspicion that first one might be “POPL”, and for the second one I thought “ISC”. But I could swear he spells second one as “ASC”, so still not sure :slight_smile:

Tho, it doesn’t really matter that much in the context, so I might as well go with any one of those =)

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I can’t identify any IOHK/Cardano related people in and but “Principles of Programming Languages” sounds reasonable


Ah, I reckon he’s talking about a computer science in general at this point, so just throwing some cool acronyms around :smiley:

English transcript