Cheers from Seattle

Hi Everyone,

Its is a pleasure to join this forum. I have spent some time reading the contributions by the members and there are some wonderful topics. I also enjoy the support that is evident for the responses, and the wealth of knowlege.

We are all witness to an exciting time with all aspects of this technology. Particularly the immense project Cardano.

The goal of joining this group for me is to contribute both my comprehension of cryptography, as well as where my background in psychology meets this tech. Moreover, an example would be studying the repeated questions from numerous sources, where the commonalities are, areas of incorrect interpretation, fundamental misnomers, etc. When addressed by the core project, those can increase submass user comprehention.

One example for Cardano is some folks have written and told others you will only be able to code in Haskell. Even down the road after porting to ADA. There have been many postings to correct that misinformation, but there are more effective stratagies than ground level forces to avoid such a patterned interpretation.




Welcome Jeff!

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Hi @Upwardbound and welcome to the forum

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Sounds fascinating!

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