Hello from Porto, Portugal


Hey! I’m a long term investor of ADA, and a web developer, currently learning haskell and interested in future development of applications in the Cardano network.

If anyone has any tutorials or introductory content for Haskell/Pluto please feel free to forward it to me.

Have a great day everyone :smiley:


Welcome Luis @OrthodoxCaveman! Maybe this post from @Cyberglot can help you Start learning Haskell


Thank you! Diving into that one right now. Let’s hope the test network goes up as soon as possible :slight_smile:


Once you get past the basic, check out Haskell-at-work, I’ve learned some new tricks.



Try this one too: Functional Programming Core Concepts, excellent read

for an intro to the topic of functional programming. Haskell is but one expression of a paradigm that has been around for decades.


Welcome @OrthodoxCaveman


Welcome @OrthodoxCaveman Luis! :smiley: