IOHK | Research; Dr. Peter Gaži, Ouroboros (and Praos)



I’m still watching on it.
@cf_jonmoss is there anybody who have the time to create clear summaries of these lectures like @cf_maki.mukai did it with Charles blog post? Otherwise we still have


Hi @Chris28 that’s a great idea - I’m going to feed this back to IOHK… :slight_smile:


The talk is basically the simplified explanation of the Ouroboros papers (Classic and Praos). By “summaries” - do you mean like a short transcript, or like a “Contents” script (like in a book), or like a short essay with kinda “free interpretation” of the talk?


As introducing a short overview about the topic “whats is it? / whats the added value? / why is it important?”
Main part about “How does it works?” like a short transcript


Thanks @cf_jonmoss! :blush:


Hi @Chris28 Christian - to keep you updated, I mentioned this to them on a call today and it has been noted :slight_smile:

It’s likely to be a case of being able to allocate resource for them (and also us) so if anyone wanted to contribute to writing short briefing overviews, we would be very grateful! :slight_smile:


First Whiteboard-Summary is online :tada:


Ouroboros Praos presented at leading cryptography conference- read about the latest blog post on Eurocrypt 2018 and the Ouroboros Praos research: