Charles interview on boxmining

Just got an alert about this since I’m subscribed to BoxMining but Charles is live right now:


So far biggest news from this is Ouroboros Praos has been accepted last week at EuroCrypt conference. Good news for Ada!


Man this interview was absolutely epic. So many good points and some great quotes, but overall just an incredible vision for Cardano over time.
A couple quick takeaways:
1 - Via Emurgo, Cardano has been approached by a Taiwan congressman about looking into a voting system for Taiwan based on Cardano platform.
2 - Eventually Cardano will be a DAG based system (Ouroboros Hydra)
3 - IoT and ‘trusted hardware’ will eventually come into play for Cardano
4 - Lots more…

I’d actually like to rewatch this and make a cliffs note video of all the highlights, but if you have two hours I’d highly recommend watching. Charles is an amazing genius and his vision for the future of Cardano is outstanding…you’ll be hanging onto your ADA with a deathgrip aftwards lol.


This news was posted on twitter a few days ago :wink:


25:15 Question about the Bob example. Is Bob running a node, running the wallet, or simply just an address holder?

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Indeed they have been accepted at number 67. The acceptance ratio for this year is 16.3%…

And Ouroboros is the only cryptocurrency/blockchain related paper among the accepted papers

I say this is more than a good sign.


I was drawn to Cardano specifically from interviews like this one with Charles. When you live long enough to get a sense of who someone is from their conversations, it’s easy to tell when you’re witnessing the words of a true visionary. This interview was excellent, and really highlights the reasons why (though I proudly hold other crypto in my portfolio) I’m most excited by Cardano and its promise to absolutely rise to the top of the whole game.

It’s unfortunate, but it’s a human reality that it’s not enough to have a technological advantage over your competition/community. You need a fiery visionary leading the charge, who can communicate the vision no matter how complex, and even appeal to the sensibilities of people who can barely grasp the complexity. You can still understand the message of the project, and get inspired by its possibilities, even if concepts like side chains and POS are barely under your thumb.

I try not to let my excitement get the best of me when I find something new and envision big things for it in the future. But this guy is just the real deal, and if he stays consistent with his work ethic and transparency, there are simply no limits to this project.

I encourage all of you to check out all 3+ hours of this interview. It really gives you the sense that we’re in for an exciting few years ahead. The only problem it presents is I can’t seem to keep much BTC in my wallet because I keep sending it over to Binance to buy more ADA. :grin:


lol, you are right - found it in Charles feed…I hadn’t seen it and when the only other news I could find on it was same day thought it was breaking :slight_smile:
Thanks for the update!
Note - here’s the news I found:
“Ouroboros Praos is the latest version of the Ouroboros protocol, which was released in February 2017. The protocol is the first proof of stake blockchain to provide security against adaptive attackers and is fit to scale for truly widespread use. Ouroboros Praos offers the same security guarantees as Bitcoin in that it can withstand attacks from stronger adversaries in harsh network conditions. No other proof of stake protocol can provably offer this level of security guarantee under these conditions.”

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Had a long drive today and was able to listen to the video. Just take my money already!

No, but seriously, I am thrilled that the revolution is starting and you could actually see how the seeds are being developed ( about protocols that are being engineered today and for the future). I honestly could care less about the monetary value of Ada , but I am sold to the vision of the cardano team. You know this is a different company when Charles said "even INput / Output HK does not even trust themselves " that’s why they have to have an independent contractor to check on their code. Charles even said on the video, that if he does fail to do his job, we as Ada holders can vote him out (year 2020). Well hot dog! Power to the People!

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All of Charles’s interviews are great… but this was the best one so far I think.

I wish there was a way to dump the transcript of the interview into a file.

Anyone know of a way to do that?

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At some point he mentions a ‘stable’ currency. Would there be a way the voting mechanism could be used, to purchase assets that the blockchain itself owns, such as: securing some gold, other metals, fiat, other cryptos, or even ownership of whole companies?

having the blockchain actually own its own non-fiat assets, seems like a huge benefit to me.

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I was only recently wondering why “ true believers “ of the crypto community that currently hold Bitcoin wouldn’t transfer to ADA? If Bitcoin is only a storage facility with small capabilities, why not transfer to ADA now, get a good price at current value and have an investment/speculation of wealth creation and support the advancements Cardano is pursuing?

Don’t we need to care about the monetary value? How can any endeavour have a self sustaining/treasury system without also being a monetary success. It is not bad to be a monetary success. It’s what we do with the money. How can Cardano offer loans, a vision Charles has stated, without Cardano becoming very stable and very monetarily successful?

How would you speculate that they are not pursuing this goal? Is higher monetary value not a product of meticulous setup of their systems and the building of a secure, comprehensive platform? They secured funding in order for the project to be successful. Now they are on their way to realizing that goal. You cannot have monetary success without a building phase, unless you’re purchasing what someone else built.

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Not everyone is comfortable with investing too early in a project, despite solid indications that project is on a potentially successful path. Many wait for real-world use cases to be established before they dip their toe. More importantly, the average Bitcoin maximalist feels every dollar they don’t put into Bitcoin is a needless deviation from the ultimate goal of Hyper-Bitcoinization.


The most important rule for product success is…have a phenomenal product! Success comes from that and everything else must be secondary to that focus.
Cardano is pursuing exactly that (example - name another currency that has an outside code auditor doing monthly code audits), but it takes time. Hopefully most of the main infrastructure will be in place by the end of this year.
The monetary value comes from achieving their focus on an oustanding crypto platform.
I am confident once smart contracts go live for example, and ICO’s and other businesses begin to build into the Cardano ecosystem, you’ll see an explosion in monetary value similar or better than Ethereums rise.


Like neurons firing.

The future is being built.

Be patient.