Cardano Meetup in Tel Aviv

This week, Charles Hoskinson, together with IOHK researcher Peter Gaži, are in Tel Aviv to present Ouroboros Praos research, a novel proof-of-stake protocol designed by IOHK researchers. We are proud to see that Ouroboros Praos was showcased today at Eurocrypt 2018, one of the most prestigious global cryptography conferences in the world.

Last night, there was also a Cardano Meetup jointly held by Cardano Foundation and Zen Protocol in Tel Aviv. The event was jam-packed with the local Cardano and cryptography communities. During the Meetup, Charles talked about the three important dimensions that Cardano is aiming to address - scalability, interoperability and sustainability for the cryptocurrency.

To watch Charles’s presentation in Tel Aviv, please click here


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Hi, I’m not on Facebook. Any way to post the video on another medium?


You don’t have to login to watch this video, when login popup appears click on “not now”.

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You can watch it wo/ FB. I do not have and never had FB account, but watched it and the 2nd part yesterday.

Here comes the second part.

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