Tel Aviv Cardano Meetup Write Up

The night before IOHK presented their latest research for peer review at Eurocrypt 2018
We all gathered in Ayeka workspace in TLV for the first ever

Cardano Blockchain Tel Aviv Meetup!

Our format was rather groundbreaking as the circumstances were quite unique. Despite a limited supply of community Cardanians, I think we managed to pull off of a highly educational evening for the local crypto community.

We set up a joint event with Zen Protocol who are doing some very interesting work in formal verification.
With a substantial lineup presenting and an amazing turnout of ~150 crypto-enthusiasts we knew we were in for a treat.

Our special guests included Mr. C. Hoskinson, Prof. Aggelos Kiayias, Dr.s Bernardo David, Peter Gazi & Rafael Dowsley, along with other members of the IOHK Posse.
In the crowd you could find reporters from Bitcoin Magazine & Forbes, FP Complete’s director of engineering Noam Snoyman (They did our code audit recently), Meni Rosenfeld, chairman of the Israeli Bitcoin Association, and possibly other big wigs I didn’t recognize :slight_smile:

With 3 filmmakers rolling (don’t ask), we were fortunate to stream the event out to all.

We kicked off a riveting evening with lectures from :
Asher Manning (Zen Protocol) talking about Formal Verification.
Our dear C. Hoskinson introducing Cardano & Ouroboros,
IOHK’s Prof. Aggelos Kiayias took us through some finer points in the algorithm’s behavior.

A ‘living room talk’ style open Q&A Panel with IOHK & ZP on stage was to follow.
Highlights included Charles pitching PoS to a PoW miner in the audience, and addressing the IOTA CfB audit scandal with an IOTA core developer.

I’d like to thank everybody who helped and participated!
Thank you for your attentive engagement, and your intellectual curiosity. It was truly a world class happening!

I’m confident this event helped build the Cardano community in Israel, and hope it’s a first swallow for more delightful evenings to come.

Video coming soon!