"Peer review" by Dan Larimer - FUD?

Been seeing a lot of people supporting and commenting on this so called review… I couldn’t help but notice, do I smell FUD?


I was also concerned, he says cardano is too slow.

Indeed… Hopefully it’s only FUD.

It is well known that Dan and Charles don’t see eye to eye. Charles himself said so in an interview. He is reviewing Ouroboros, but mentions nothing about Ouroboros Praos, which is further down the roadmap.

I also heard Charles say that speeds are capped at the moment and the protocol is able to do 700 tps without the cap. Praos would be able to do a hell of a lot more.

Yes I think this is fud.


Appreciate the reply, cheers! :wink:

Charles reply can be found on Reddit.

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I’ve already read his replies, cheers :slight_smile:

here is the link for reference https://www.reddit.com/r/cardano/comments/7oibsi/some_shots_fired_across_the_bow/ds9uoaq/


Link please?

here is the link for reference https://www.reddit.com/r/cardano/comments/7oibsi/some_shots_fired_across_the_bow/ds9uoaq/

Definitely not FUD, he’s an authority on DPoS systems for sure. But like Cardano, his project is also still in development. Only time will tell which platform developers choose to create decentralized apps on.

I get 404 for https://www.reddit.com/r/cardano/comments/7oibsi/some_shots_fired_across_the_bow/68

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Charles made the final reply on Twitter by quoted Satoshi’s words:

If you don’t believe me or don’t get it, I don’t have time to try to convince you, sorry.


We have responses being prepared. :slight_smile: I hope we can release soon.



Good to see you are preparing an official response. Keep up the good work.

Yeah, hard to tell at this early stage. But since I’ve spent many hours of my life trying to get Daedalus working consistently, I’ve lost confidence in ADA devs. Hoping they prove me wrong and there is some great excuse for this.

well, it worked perfectly for me. I just download and wait for syncing the network. Done! What’s the problem of your case ?

Awesome, looking forward to seeing them :slight_smile:

Yeah I have had 0 issues with the wallet… Guess it’s just bad luck!

As long as you don’t lose complete faith, they will get it solved…