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Hey guys!
I created a new Cardano Centric youtube channel about a week ago. I started a video series on debunking the FUD that surrounds Cardano. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from within the community on these videos and I’d like to continue the series.

The purpose of this thread will be to gather community opinion on which FUD I should cover and debunk in my next video. The previous videos have been over the FUD that I think needed to be addressed but I do think it’s important to ask the community what they think needs to be.

If you know of some FUD that I haven’t covered yet please post it here as well as any opinions you might have as to how I should cover it. After I get enough posts on FUD in this thread I’ll start a Poll so this way community members can vote on which ones they feel I should go over in my next video.

FUD claims I’ve already covered and debunked:
Cardano has no working product.
Cardano is moving too slowly to remain competitive.
Cardano has no Dapps! Therefore it sucks.
Charles Hoskinson is a sociopath that’s using Cardano as a money grab.
Peer review isn’t a good thing for Cardano.
Shelley has been delayed! Charles keeps breaking his promises!
Daedalus is buggy and doesn’t work.
To write smart contracts for Cardano you have to know Haskell.
The Cardano Foundation was booted from the project. Leading to internal instability.

If you guys feel I still need to talk about one of these FUD claims or feel I didn’t do a good enough job talking about them then feel free to let me know! I can always cover them again.

Thanks to ZCryt0Knight for giving me the idea to start a poll!

Edit: The poll is up! I’m only going to go over a maximum of 5 five FUD claims in my next video. This is due to the fact that I try to keep my videos short and concise to keep the viewer’s attention. As a general rule I try not to go above eight minutes in length! I always will if I need to though.

Thanks for all the input guys. There’s already a good amount of FUD to debunk here. Don’t stop coming up with more FUD for me to debunk though! Any comments made with more FUD claims since this poll has opened will be added to the list for the next Poll!

  • Cardano is only funded until 2020.
  • Cardano has no significant partnerships.
  • Cardano’s ICO presale was only in Japan which has harmed us.
  • IOHK’s 2 billion ADA is Charle’s personal stash.
  • Charles Hoskinson is hard to work with.
  • Touch more on the Cardano Foundation
  • PoS is not as secure as PoW.
  • Cardano’s TPS are too low to scale for worldwide adoption.
  • Cardano isn’t innovative.
  • Cardano is overhyped.

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Thanks for starting the thread! I am sure we will see a good list of false information here that we all encounter periodically.

I will post some later too.


First of all, great work! I have a few suggestions to cover in the next episode:

  1. Cardano is only funded till 2020 so all development will stop if treasury system is not in place by then.
  2. Cardano does not have any significant partnerships.

You videos are fantastic ADASaur. I love how well you research and deliver the information. The format is fantastic. Keep up the great work!!


I’ll have to watch the video where you actually debunk that :yum:

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Here are some items:

#1 Cardano ICO in Japan has harmed Cardano and #2 - the pre-sale was limited to Japan. The fact is Cardano did a pre-sale to be more SEC compliant and did limit participation to certain countries for (legal and promotional?) reasons, but the key is that the ICO was not just limited to Japan.

#3 I think some people have the perception that the 2+ Billion ADA that is locked up for IOHK is like Charles Hoskinson’s personal stash. I think the 2 Billion ADA more broadly belongs to IOHK as a company and if Charles has his own personal stash, that is a separate pot of money and nobody’s business.

#4 There is sometimes a claim that Charles is difficult to work with. Since he continuously expanding his international company and international teams of multiple companies, I am convinced he must be pretty easy to work with. Maybe he has a strong personality, but obviously he can build teams.

#5 Charles Hoskinson is a scam artist according to Dan Larimer and others (may have already been debunked in the section you did on money grab).

#6 Any information you can put out about the continued reconstruction of the Cardano Foundation would be helpful - prevent FUD.

#7 Some people claim that Ruslan Dudin @vantuz-subhuman is from Russia. When in fact we know that he is an advanced AI sent to planet Earth by aliens. (just kidding)


What is the secret #2? :smiley:

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It’s on the same line as #1.


That is a great list of FUD claims.

I kinda smushed 1 and 2 together as being related.

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Here is some Cardano FUD that I have seen in the past:

1. PoS isn’t as secure as PoW.

Response: Unlike other PoS protocols, Cardano’s Ouroboros has been mathematically proven to be as secure as bitcoin, but without the need to waste enormous amounts of energy. Plus PoS gets rid of miners who could have divergent views about the protocol and thereby create a governance hell for holders of coin. We have seen this play out in crypto sphere many times. It is important to note that Cardano’s PoS differs from other projects… some of these projects just forked bitcoin and slapped some features and marketed themselves as PoS–they are a disaster waiting to happen.

2. Cardano’s Transactions per Second (TPS) is too low.

There are at least three dimensions to debunking this misconception:

i. Many people fail to realize that there is a trade-off between security, decentralization and speed. If you want a secure and decentralized system that works across many geographies and devices (e.g. network topography) you can’t have high speeds without alienating major parts of population. To achieve high TPS you either ask everyone to delegate their stake to 21 nodes that sit on 1gbps fiber optic or you only allow those with infrastructure that supports high bandwidth/specs. The first case severely reduces your security as you don’t effectively have a decentralized system, you might as well just use one server. The second case will reduce the number of protocol participants to geographies with developed physical infrastructure–this would mean only a handful of nodes based in the US, Europe and Asia will dominate the network. Again, not a good thing for a system that wants to be fundamental infrastructure/layer.

Cardano’s Settlement Layer supports up to 200-250TPS, I believe. I think they tested their network against the most likely network topography to come up with these number (this is a stark contrast to those who test their system with one server and claim million TPS–just unbelievable!)… so I trust Charles when he says SL could have these speeds.

ii. Settlement Layer is one of many layers Cardano will support. With Computation Layer Cardano will have a multitude of sidechains with varying degree of decentralization/TPS trade-offs. Eventually, all these sidechains will operate in parallel and increase Cardano’s throughput by orders of magnitude. This is perhaps the most misunderstood part of Cardano–that it is not one chain but rather number of blockchains. If someone wants to build a blockchain in the future with their flavor of consensus mechanism, it would be way easier and more secure for them to just get it up and running as a Cardano sidechain, rather than building it on their own. Since there is no limit to what currency, consensus mechanism or level of decentralization you could have on these sidechains (my understanding at least), sky is the limit for upper bound of transaction throughput on Cardano. You could run a BFT consensus and have super fast transactions.

iii. Sharding, horizontal scaling, RINA: Cardano doesn’t just stop there. As we all know they are already thinking about increasing throughput through additional measures such as sharding (storing bits of the blockchain in different parts of network rather than downloading it entirely on each machine), horizontal scaling (running multiple SL chains) and RINA (gaining bandwidth, memory and computation as nodes join)… They plan ahead and what we have seen is just the beginning in terms of how powerful Cardano could become.


Thanks for all the input guys! Keep it coming! I’ll be going over the 5 most voted and we’ve already got about 8 great FUD claims I can use! I’ll start the poll once we hit 10 or so.

I’m going to go ahead and add some FUD I’ve seen recently and start the poll.

Cardano isn’t innovative.

Cardano is overhyped.


Pos coins are PONZI schemes, so is cardano ?

Once the bear ends, goes sideways, and the bull sets in - that’s when a lot of FUD will come back. The FUD gets crazy during bulls. Keep this thread in mind several months from now.

Please debunk this FUD

Cardano is not Charles’ idea. It was contracted to IOHK by the japanese businessmen who already made enough money from the private sales. They (japanese) really do not care about the project. IOHK only cares about the project so long as the contract is still valid …

I find this fud really worrying …

Thanks to all who voted!

I’ve begun work on the research and writing for the next FUD debunking video! The top 5 FUD people want debunked appear to be.

  1. Cardano is only funded until 2020.
  2. Cardano’s ICO presale was only in Japan which has harmed us.
  3. Cardano’s TPS are too low to scale for worldwide adoption.
  4. PoS is not as secure as PoW.
    and the fifth place spot was tied but I have decided to go with:
  5. Cardano has no significant partnerships.
    This is mostly due to the fact I am starting another video series in which I will be talking about how Cardano is innovative.

Thanks again for voting and stay tuned for the next video in the series!


Just ran into you videos. They are really great. I didn’t find many youtubers with such factual and engaging content. And you have the talent to explain in few words but to the point. Excellent!

Are you starting a matrix printer at the end of your videos? I was reflecting about where exactly I know the sound from.

Are there any good reasons for hat, sunglasses and flag? That might deviate peoples attention from your content.

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Thanks for the kind words!

Actually the sound at the end is a very old computer starting up. You’re hearing the harddrive mostly as it spins up to speed and reads data.

The hat: I like wearing hats.
The sunglasses: Improper studio lighting that would otherwise blind me if I wasn’t wearing them.
(I’ll probably get some better lighting in the near future)
The flag: I love my country.

If those things in combination distract some people then there’s little I can do or desire to do to change that. What I’m saying is what matters not what I look like. I have thought about only recording audio in the past and having only a logo or stock video footage as visuals but I’m afraid it might make the channel unpersonable. I’ll probably experiment at some point doing that though.

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With the sunglasses I wasn’t sure if you try to look cool (Top Gun comes to my mind…) or if you have some problems with your eyes so you need them in front of your computer too. That was what I was reflecting while I was watching your videos. :wink:

Concerning the flag: I can understand your feelings towards our country. On the other hand many of your international viewers will have very different feelings about the USA, especially when watching from third world countries or near east. I don’t want to bash the USA here because the EU where I come from is not any better in treating weaker “partners”. I just wanted to mention that this might distract them from your great content you provide.

Thanks again for your great content!