ADASaur's Second Community FUD Poll

Hello everyone! I just finished up the third FUD Debunking video in my series Cardano: Debunking the FUD. The video is currently being uploaded to youtube and I’ll be posting it in this thread once it is done.

I’m going to go ahead and start a new thread for my second poll. This is mostly because I don’t want any of the posts from the last thread being confused with posts in the new one. I feel the new thread will also help us keep track of what has and hasn’t been covered so far.

The purpose of this thread will be to gather community opinion on which FUD I should cover and debunk in my next video. The previous videos have been over the FUD that I think needed to be addressed as well as those the community voted on during the previous poll.

If you know of some FUD that I haven’t covered yet please post it here as well as any opinions you might have as to how I should cover it. After I get enough posts on FUD in this thread I’ll start a Poll so this way community members can vote on which ones they feel I should go over in my next video.

FUD claims I’ve already covered and debunked:
Cardano has no working product.
Cardano is moving too slowly to remain competitive.
Cardano has no Dapps! Therefore it sucks.
Charles Hoskinson is a sociopath that’s using Cardano as a money grab.
Peer review isn’t a good thing for Cardano.
Shelley has been delayed! Charles keeps breaking his promises!
Daedalus is buggy and doesn’t work.
To write smart contracts for Cardano you have to know Haskell.
The Cardano Foundation was booted from the project. Leading to internal instability.
Cardano is only funded until 2020.
Cardano’s Presale and ICO was only in japan which has hurt the ecosystem.
Cardano’s TPS are too low in number to scale for worldwide adoption.
PoS is not as secure as PoW.
Cardano has no significant partnerships.

That’s 15 FUD claims debunked! Let’s make it 20!

Here are some suggestions of FUD I should cover from the previous thread that have yet to be covered, let me know if you guys would like to see any of these touched upon!
Cardano is overhyped.
Charles Hoskinson is hard to work with.
Touch more on the Cardano foundation.
IOHK’s 2 billion ADA is Charle’s personal stash.
IOHK Only cares about Cardano as long as their contract with Emurgo is still valid.

I’ll be adding these into the new poll once you guys provide me with more suggestions!

Thanks to the community for all the support and feedback you’ve given me so far!


Here is the video created from the previous poll’s results!


Thanks for posting these. Keep them coming!

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Just watched your last video, great work btw!

Maybe another common FUD is that ADA holders ‘pay for Charles around-the-world trips’ using their investments :joy:

I see this FUD a lot, and needs to be addressed!!

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