How to list all minted assets from a stakingaddress?

Is it feasible to achieve this using Python in conjunction with Blockfrost? Is there a way to obtain the mint price through this approach? ty

First, it depends what you mean by “mint”. It is used rather loosely in the NFT community, sometimes also for situations, where the NFTs were pre-minted to an address of the project and are just sold in the “mint” event. Such transactions are not really distinguishable from any other transfer of tokens.

If the transaction to the wallet is the actual minting transaction, it can be found, but I haven’t found the fitting end point in Blockfrost.

In Koios, it would be:

  1. Find all addresses for the stake with:
  2. Find all transactions for those addresses with:
  3. Get the transaction details with:
  4. Examine assets_minted in the result and maybe cross-check that the minted asset is really on an output to that address and not minted for someone else.

Blockfrost has:

  4. But I don’t see a way to get information about the mints through this or another of the transaction end points.