How to obtain transaction ID when sending transaction via cardano-cli


I am making a tip bot and due to this bug - I can’t use cardano-wallet. So I decided to just use cardano-cli for on-chain operations like deposits and withdrawals. The problem is, I need to be able to track and verify transaction that I sent (actually verify if it was confirmed and ADA was sent out).

When I submit a transaction using cardano-cli all I see is something like “transaction submitted”. Is there a way to get the transaction ID somehow to verify it was processed and confirmed by other parties?

Check this out

The transaction ID will be listed in cardano-node log file, in a directory like Logs/pub/node.log. You will see it added to the mempool, and then removed when it is processed.

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ok this is useful, although best would be if it was returned to standard output after submitting

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The front-end application would then request for a wallet address from the backend service and render a QR code to the customer to be scanned via a Cardano wallet. The backend service would then know that it has to query the wallet address using cardano-cli with a certain time interval to confirm and alert the front-end application that the payment has completed succesfully.