Cardano-cli - Transaction succesfully submitted but doesnt seem to work

Im following recipe for sending a simple transaction.
It all goes fine, and I get a transaction succesully submitted message back.
But when I check the destination address for the tx, nothing shows up. The funds are still in the original wallet.
How can I found out what is wrong? Where is my transaction?

you can check the destination address on, if u see the funds there it means the transaction was performed with success.

PS: Perhaps your node is not fully synced?

I cant see any transactions on the address. My producer and relay are both at 99.9%… :frowning:

then wait for 100% and you will be able to interrogate the status of the destination address

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I’ll do that. Thanks

Synced 100% now…no change. Ive tried to send several transactions using the node and get the same result.
There is no other way to see if the transaction has any faults with it?

But the sender wallet has the original balance?

Yeh. No change on the sender wallet.

You will need to follow step 18.9 from

18.9 Send a simple transaction example

Yes. That is the one I have followed. Copied the scripts 1 by 1.
I mean. I’ve done this now 3 times the last 2 days.
It returns “Transaction submitted succesfully” but nothing more seems to happen…

Am I understanding correctly that it is impossible to check the node on what happened to this submitted transaction? Seems to be as massive design flaw in my mind.

Are you sure, you are querying the same addresses, which were used in
transactions? It had happened to me once.

The script should take care of that, but yes Ive alse quadruple checked the addresses. Also, the funds are still in original wallet.

There is something fishy about my relay node though. Not sure why but can’t connect to the node properly. It works for awhile and then fails. Ill try to build a new relay node I guess.

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Ok I got it solved.
I hadn’t cauught the doubling of ram requirements since I last fiddled around with this. I fixed that which made my node stop having to sync all the time.
I also lowered the amount of ADA I moved so I had at least 500 ADA left. Is this a requirement? Or can I move all funds out (excluding fee)?

edit: Ok. I managed to send 500 more, so now I have about 90 ADA left in the original wallet. I guess that answers my question.

The solution to my problem was to increase RAM on both nodes. Maybe this is something that should block startup of node? It’s a very bad consequence that nothing wrong is reported from node when submitting tx, but it is discarded anyhow.