How to secure AppData\Roaming\Daedalus

It is my understanding that if folders from C:\Users_\AppData\Roaming\Daedalus were copied over to another computer the wallet could then be opened on that computer…

how can I secure this folder? is there a way to redefine the path where Daedalus stores this files? I could make an encrypted container for them or something…

Spending password protects your balance from being spent

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If the wallet can be accessed it what prevents someone writhing a bute-force tool with cardano API? Especially if you can duplicate this on multiple computers or virtual OS environments.

Nothing prevents someone from writing such a program. But a secure spending password prevents such program from finding it.


Well that’s pretty lame isn’t it? Hack a computer, get a set of folders, build a brute force tool through the Cardano API, and steal someone’s crypto. And the only thing stopping someone from doing that is a password. Hilarious. At least my bank notifies me when there appears to be a fraudulent charge. And even though it’s protected through a card with a pun and chip, I have the capability to know if it is missing, stop it’s use, and be refunded by the. And for any fraudulent charges. And so with Cardano you’ve basically said that someone can duplicate the wallet brute force it, and if successful will have all my money and potentially identity and other information. That doesn’t inspire confidence does it?