HOW TO: Set Up A Staking Pool

With Shelley release on horizon, I wanted to see if we could put together a quick reference page for those who would want to run their pools.

We are likely to end up with 1,000 stake pools and the more diverse they are, geographically, the more robust the protocol will be.

I know many of the aspects of the staking system are not yet known, but I figure we could start early with what we know and make some reasonable assumptions about the rest.

There are many potential stake pools out there. I am sure they are preparing for the release as we speak. So if anyone chooses to share what they will do step by step to set up a stake pool, it will be a huge help for the community.


It would be great if anyone who’s part of the Shelley testnet could share some details.
Does anyone know what the status of the testnet is? It says here that testing with the community was meant to start in Q3, but I haven’t heard any updates yet.


The wiki could be good for hosting this, there’s already a Staking & delegation section on the front page with four links, two to wiki pages and two external. Some areas including the Staking explanation page are sadly in need of work but others, such as the wallet comparison page, are in great shape. Any and all volunteer effort is extremely welcome!


We should have the testnet in Q4 or Q1 2019. That’s what I understand from watching CH videos.

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Is there a good way to display the contents of a wiki inside this forum?

Last I heard was that staking was scheduled to be live on mainnet in Q1 2019, so I thought the testnet would be live by now. Or at least be extremely close.

Yes that’s what I think too.

I don’t know but I’d guess not, apart from a screenshot of course.

Excellent idea …