How to staking?

Where can i get some info about PoS and how many coins i should buy for well staking every day?
I have some experience in pos with MN coins and they have open info about block rewards and how to divide inputs to get more profit depending of net weight. And What about ADA ?

Hello, @AxelBreitung!

Please, read first this basic info about staking: Understanding the basics of staking - how and why, and even when

Your profit will be proportional to the amount of coins that you put as a stake. This mean that the more coins you stake - the more profit you will receive.

I don’t really understand your question, what do you mean “how many coins I should buy”?

Staking will be possible with almost any amount of coins. If you have 10 ADA - you will probably be able to stake 10 ADA. But you will receive proportional profit - maybe something around 1 ADA per year.

There’s no official tutorials yet, because staking in Cardano is not yet available. It is in development right now and will be fully available somewhere closer to the end of the year (Q3-Q4 2018). Once it is available - there will be plenty of tutorials and videos and manuals.


For example MN coin has 10 coins reword if one of the inputs find a block. I know if Net weight has 150000 so i need several inputs and from 150 coins to 300 coins per input
More inputs (coin holders) more chance to get pos per day. People can calculate approximate amount of coins to get pos.

Oooo I didn’t know. And its explains why i haven’t able to find any tutorial yet!!!
Thants for explaining.

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Hi Vantuz. ADA/krw market is only avaiable in Upbit Korea as far as I know, or other route can be there? how can u buy ADA in u r country?

Hello! I’m sorry but that question seems extremely out of place here. I see that you have asked another similar question also in other unrelated topic: Countries present on the forum! - #19 by TommyTommy

I think that it would be best to create a separate topic in the [Trading] category, about what ADA markets are available in different countries. Perhaps, @jocellin.lee could help with some losses in translation (if any found) :slight_smile:

Thanks. Beginner again.