How to use cardano-wallet to send multiple payments in one go?

I want to use the command below and put it in a script so i can execute it multiple times but it does not seem to work as intended.

curl --request POST \
	  --url "$URL" \
	  --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
	  --data '{
		"passphrase": "test123456",
		"payments": [
				"address": "addr_test1qzyfnjk3zmgzmvnnvnpeguv6se2ptjj3w3uuh30llqe5xdtzdduxxvke8rekwukyn0qt9g5pahasrnrdmv7nr86x537qxdgza0",
				"amount": {
					"quantity": 1000000,
					"unit": "lovelace"

I get the following error on succeeding execution of the script although the sending wallet has enough funds.

{"message":"I can't process this payment as there are not enough funds available in the wallet. I am missing: coin: 1.000000 tokens: [] ","code":"not_enough_money"}

Obviously, the first transaction maybe needs to be verified first before succeeding transactions can proceed. So how do you do it in one go using cardano-wallet? It can probably be done using cardano-cli but I was hoping it can be done using cardano-wallet for simplicity.

The script of course works if I use senders from multiple wallets.

NOTE: Sender is from a single wallet and receiver is also from a single wallet. Why not just send the total tADA in one transaction you say? Well, there are times when I really need to send the same amount of ADA to the same wallet address multiple times.