Howto best create tokens that expire after six months?

I have a use case where I want to mint tokens on a monthly basis that are supposed to be valid for the next six months only. Can I do this with just one minting policy?

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my guess is that every expire date needs its own policy - so one minting policy describes one expire date…

Using simple scripts, you’d need a different minting policy each month, if by “valid” you mean that they cannot be burned during the first six months and can be burned afterwards. However, a single smart contract could probably be designed handle all months.

Are you planning to have the holders of the tokens send them to a script address to be burned after they expire? Or do they get to keep invalid tokens, but aren’t able to use them for services?

@bwbush Yes, I plan to issue tokens to loyal delegators as part of this payback scheme. Those can then be redeemed by sending them to a script address, which I currently learn about through the plutus pioneer program. The token swap is planed to be time bound i.e. Delegatos can only exchange their ASTOR tokens for ADA for a six month period after receiving the tokens.

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