Hybrid Alliance SPO Mechanism

Would it be possible to create a mechanism that allows small stake pools to merge into an alliances and work together as one.
Imagine you have 10-15-20 small SPO’s that are very eager and willing but struggle to find delegates, they can form Alliance between them and form one hybrid pool. This will give them chance to form something big and combine efforts to support each other.
Not sure if it’s the greatest idea ever but we are all here to try to help.

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You might want to join: https://www.f2lb.org/

I don’t believe it adds any value to have to ask all delegators to continuously change their delegation to another pool just for that pool to get rewards… What is the added value for the delegator?
I guess f2lb only has their own stake (stake of the pool owners) being moved to the selected pool…
Even though it’s better to have more SPO’s it must also make sense. What do you think? Or what was your idea in more detail?

The mentioned project above is a list of SPOs which helps themselves by adding additional fund and circle it around with some wait time until you get your delegation from the other SPOs.
Acutally I’m not really sure if it will make you really faster because to mint your first block. On average it should be the same result if you just add the additional funds to your own pool. You will have a low chance every epoch to mint a block against a long wait time on the other side where you will temporarly have much stake.

So theoretically the result in terms of finding the first block should be the same.
The f2lb approach could have an advantage because the one selected pool at this time might attract delegators which would not have found this pool otherwise with it’s extremely low saturation.

But this is not what you originally asked for. You asked for multiple persons joining together to operate one Pool. There is an option to have multiple owners of a pool with multiple addresses owning pledge but there needs to be a certain amount of trust. There some Threads here on the forum on this. E.g. Multiple pool owners (or pledge contributors) - how to in CLI?