Hydra heads

I’ ve read on hydras website this: A Hydra Head is a limited group of participants that process transactions on the Cardano blockchain. To build a large-scale payment system, we need to find ways to connect multiple Hydra Heads together. One way to do this is by using trusted parties, such as light wallet providers, who can process transactions on behalf of their users. Users lock their funds in a contract, and the wallet providers process the transactions inside the Hydra Head. The wallet providers can show the virtual balance of each account, but the actual funds remain unchanged until they are unlocked. The system works best when the traffic between wallet providers is balanced, so there is no imbalance in the system.

It means after hydra launches assuming wallet providers do it we will be actualy able to transfer funds from one head to other head right? So it will technically be a blockchain like polygon (rather than being one chain infinite amount of chains connected to each other). I dont get just one thing transfering funds between heads be fast as transferring in a head?