I am asking for help from experienced Cardano developers on how to start building our dApp (WIMS Universal Shopper)

I came across Cardano early March and have spent the past 3 or so weeks going through 2 free Udemy plutus and marlow courses. I have even been thrown into learning Haskell which further threw me into lambda maths. But this unlike Ethereum with Solidity, seems to need more time to learn. I am not able to get down quickly and develop even a simple prototype dApp(GitHub - wimsio/wims-universal-shopper: This is a blockchain based dApp for collecting loyalty shopping points world wide. The primary goal of this project is to making shopping profitable for shoppers who are mainly women according to this research https://www.statista.com/statistics/311406/us-online-shopping-categories-gender/.) for my WIMS community(We are moving from Ethereum to Cardano).

These are our request:
We do not want to spend years learning, people out there are not patient: They want to see something working correctly and quickly.

  1. We need WIMS members to be tracked on blockchain via WIMT Token(cardano native token).
  2. All product/service sellers must be able to join buy ADA at discount because they will issue these to their customers as rewards for cultivating customer loyality.
  3. Customers being reward anywhere in the world only need to give these sellers mobile number or email and their ADA rewards must be sent to their ADA wallets: simple!
  4. Number 2 and 3 above apply to WIMT holders because this is one of the projects for Empowering Women Globally and consequently promoting Cardano to the majority Women world wide.

There are other many Women Empowering developments than shopping rewards stated above like at WIMS community Female will naturally have 2x vote and Male 1x(This is not discrimination but blockchain gender affirmative action), in contests Female = 2x points and Male = 1x point, same with leadership position, same with discounts for products/services, same with mining(PoS - this one we cannot change Cardano but can be possible if WIMS creates within Cardano a sub chain).

WIMS aims to bring blockchain(via Cardano) to the mojority of simple women world wide. Uplift them economically. We want WIMT native cardano token to play more the role of rating(quantitatively) people, organizations, governments, church on how much they are empowering women world wide. For example: x holds 30000 WIMT, y holds 4million WIMT and z holds 56WIMT then y has done more to help women than x and z, and x has EWG more than z. This becomes a universal objective WE globally for United Nations to acknowledge or adopt or endorse.

Your help here is highly thanked in advance.