DAPP and smart contracts in Cardano

I’m a developer and I’m looking to create a social media platform on BlockChain. It will be a web and mobile app. I searched a lot about DAAP in Cardano but nothing found I want to know is Cardano support Dapp applications or not ? If yes is there any tutorials where I learn.

Hello and welcome @AxeemHaider,
As of today, Cardano does not yet support Dapps. Nevertheless, there are already opportunities to play around with devnets, playground, start learning and start building today. Do you already have a rough idea how your app will work? (what will run on-chain, what will run off-chain and how to connect everything together)

Are you already experienced in Solidity or do you plan to learn Plutus?

I believe a great entry point is https://developers.cardano.org/en/virtual-machines/iele/resources/support-and-help/


Hi @adatainment hope you are fine and doing great.

Yes, I have an idea how it will run on chain, it is basically a social media app you can say something like Twitter but not twitter. It is an open source non-profit project.

Yes I have experience in Solidity and Ethereum but after reading some article and learning about Cardano it seems it’s a next generation of blockchain I really like the PoS and how it reduce the bandwidth. I have also experience in building blockchain from scratch not like Cardano but the basic one which able to handle the transactions, p2p connection and sync chain etc.

What you suggest me which path I need to follow I don’t want to go with Ethereum.
I think there are two ways.
1 - Finding the blockchain which is already support functionalities which I needed
2 - Creating my own blockchain from existing popular blockchain templates like Graphene But it seems Graphene is no longer maintain Graphene GitHub but some popular blockchain steem and hive are based on Graphene. What you suggest is it ok to go with Graphene ?

What about Cardano can we create our own blockchain from it and add some extra functionalities is it possible or what you suggest and where to start it.

Thanks for your precious time and consideration.
Looking forward to hearing your valuable response.

I would always recommend the way to learn Plutus at the moment because you will have the most advantages in the long run.

We will see new Plutus tutorials very soon, so I don’t want to link to old ones now. One good entry point to Plutus is undoubtedly learning Haskell, and this page does that excellently: Chapters - Learn You a Haskell for Great Good!

You can’t create your “own” blockchain with Cardano, but the question is: do you need to? Usually, blockchains are made to create a token that has certain requirement. In Cardano you can create tokens with those requirements without the need to create you own blockchain. Please see the documentation here:

(maybe this is not enough for what you have in mind)


Thanks for this recommendation. I want to know is it legal to clone the Cardano and make some modification(adding some functionalities) to create my own personal blockchain. As I know Cardano is open source.

Can you please let me know about this.

This is a different topic, think of it as forking the thread! :grin: Any further discussion should go under a new topic/thread.

Basically open source means yes you can do what you like with it, except probably not delete certain text about credits and rights, but that will be made clear within the code/docs.

Personally, I’d be very dubious about the practicality of this, but knock your socks off! :grinning:

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Yes that would be fine, but you can not clone the Community:))

You are right.

Let’s make it simple what I’m looking. I just want to make a todo list where user can create account and create a list of todo tasks and get back when he needed. For simple I just need to add todo list data in cardano blockchain and get when needed.

I read the documentation and search on Google but nothing found. Please let me know is it possible if yes how can I do that can you point me from where I can read more it.

May I ask why you want to create your own blockchain to manage a private TODO list? (to be honest, I would even question whether blockchain here is a suitable solution at all, but I might be missing something)


it’s not a TODO app I just give an example, if this is possible then might my original idea fit on Cardano.

Yes Blockchain is perfect solution for my app because it need to be decentralise. App or website is very similar to Twitter. You can think Twitter as decentralise and open source.

Then I apologize for the misunderstanding.

Curious to know if you’re still working on this and if you have a team already?