DAPP and smart contracts in Cardano (html)

Good day!
Can you tell me about developing DAPP on cardano using solidity? (simple step by step guide)

  1. What instruments do i need to build a simple DAPP?
    For example I have a simple contract in solidity that takes notes from a website and return these notes to another website.
  2. If i will be using cardano blockchain i must to install Metamask? (or another additional soft)
  3. Did DAPP in cardano will only be working in websites? (in ethereum we can’t build aplication for smartphones becouse phones have no metamask expansion)
  4. Did cardano use json-files for DAPP like ethereum?

The is no smart contract implementation in cardano yet.

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And still. This questions will help people to understand - is cardano really 3rd generation of BC?
Now it looks like an another clone of ETH like EOS…

You ask very good and fair questions. However, the capabilities from a technical end are far greater than eth. As eos is an erc20, the historical performance of eth has not faired well from just a single use of that erc20 pressure on the blockchain. Eg Cryptokitties as i am sure you know by now (for others perhaps) As quoted here, “These CryptoKitties have single-handedly overwhelmed Ethereum’s network, which means slower transaction times for all applications running on the decentralized architecture. CryptoKitties is encountering speed scalability issues, meaning the issues that are arising from the Ethereum network are related to an inefficient consensus algorithm.” One dapp.
That is a massive and fundamentally driven failure. 1st shot out of the gate. Claiming a lightning fix when the first result was that are just promises to existing stakeholders.

To wholely understand something that doesnt currently exist, as a 3rd gen blockcahin claims is challenging. Each currently understood limitation is designed to be adressed from multiple angles. As the Cardano is used more, it gets faster more scalable and absorbing of existing projects.

Continue to code in what you know as porting your work will be pretty painless.


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Good day.
Did something changed? Can I publish my Dapp using Cardano blockchain (and where)? Will it support solidity?

You can run Solidity dapps on any of the two smart contract testnets, but there is no smart contract functionality on mainnet yet. That’s a 2019 thing.


Do you have some lessons how to use testnet? Video lessons will be the best for me.

I just linked the resources available. There’s some more resources and tutorials on the testnet website links above.

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