Interoperability 101

Hi guys. I’m a new ADA hodler, and recently started going deep into learning everything about Cardano.

I’d deeply appreciate it if you shared your thoughts on Interoperability (KVEM, IELE, etc), and helped me gain higher clarity and understanding on the following:

When a company builds a “normal” app, it’s easy to understand why to build and offer the app for all key platforms (iOS, Android, Web), not just one: you reach more users and you make your app more accessible to different users who use different devices, operating systems, and web browsers.

Is is the same with dapps and smart contracts?
Do you think Ethereum developers will want to build, release and maintain their dapps and smart contracts on both Ethereum AND Cardano, just like a “normal app” developers usually release their app on both iOS and Android?

Do you think Cardano developers will want to build, release and maintain their dapps and smart contracts on both Caradno AND Ethereum at the same time?

What the benefits and incentives of having the appp run both on Ethereum AND Cardano at the same time? Why would a developer want to do this?

Or do you think it will be binary: Developers will choose a side, either Cardano or Ethereum for whatever reason?

Please kindly share your thoughts. Thank you in advance.

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WELCOME @Klemen.Struc ! :grinning:

Love your questions! The only bad question is the question not asked - and all you need to do is ask, which you did! :partying_face: They will spur some good conversation. Sorry, I will not be able to help you because I am still learning everything too.

Wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you into the forum.

I will be following this post.

Sometimes we just have to ask the right questions, because we know we already have the answers within.

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Hello @Klemen.Struc and welcome to our forum.

I like the question and i want to answer it. Im not so deep into the technical thing but i would explain it how i understand it:

Somehow yes, you have more users if they use more than one blockchains.
The big point is that cardano is faster, more scalable and can handle more tx/s than Ethereum.

For normal users its just an nice have. For smart contracts its an big thing, because they have many complicated transactions. Because of the many complicated transaction you need more than one block and Ethereum produce in average every 13.3s an new block. So you need time for big things.

An example for complicated transactions:
NFT Auction

Someone sell an NFT per contract and send it into it.
Someone give an bid (with costs)
… 30 more give an bid …
The highest bid get an notice that he won
The highest bid need to pay it into the contract
The contract give you an NFT
The contract give 90% to the seller
The contract give 10% to the Company

Thank you @Jonny22 for taking the time to answer.

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