I have a very interesting questions

I’m a very big fan of cardano and I’m a big bleavier in ADA simple because it’s a revolution for the cryptocurrencies
I need someone explain to me this paragraph because from my understanding it’s simply a great plus for this currency …

"DENOMINATIONS1 ADA = 1,000,000 Lovelaces1 Lovelace = 1/1,000,000 AdaAda has six decimal places.1.000000 = 1 Ada0.000001 = 1 Lovelace

In terms of money units there are two points of consideration. First in Japan, yen amounts are much larger, 10,000 yen is like the 100 dollar bill and factoring this into the units you go from 25 billion Ada to 250 million. Second Ada has six digits from the decimal not eight for Bitcoin. An Ada is a million Lovelaces (the smallest unit). Adjusting for this takes you to 2.5 million "

Please i need someone share this with me from my understanding this point is a very great potintal for the coming future of the coin because for example the smallest unit in BTC 1 Satoshi =0.00000001 BTC but in Ada 1 Lovelace = 0.000001 Ada and the large different between Yen & $ just this two factors its mean alot when we talk about the supply and demand for the Ada I mean from this points mean 45B it’s not alot at all and the potintal to gain more value it will drove very very high with the demand think like that if we just uesd the factor of the smallest unit in Ada is just six decimal place we can’t go smaller than that but we can go two more extra digits in BTC that’s mean the value of the Ada should go up if we add the other factor too it’s mean it should go even much higher
Think about that guys and let me know more about this amazing project

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If ada ever got £10’000 a pop, a love lace will
worth 1p.

Something to aim for :beer:

By then I hope the transaction fee calculation will be worked out, otherwise each transaction would cost about £2k.

Already they mentioned that they will come up with something different regarding the transactions fees calculation , but the even better thing after they destroy the current transactions fees that’s will be super great for Ada value

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I thought there want any transaction fee’s currently ?