The reason why Ada will hit 10,000 $ and much higher

First put in your mind the way Ada has been created for Japan, yen amounts

1 = 100 Yen 1 = 100 cent
then 1 cent = 1 Yen

the Yen the smallest unit in the Japanese currency also the cent the smallest unit in US dollar
from this point the smallest amount of Japanese currency we can use yen and in this Project they want to fit the whole Japanese currency in to Ada cryptocurrency that’s mean it will keep increase the price with the demand to reach the point of 1 Lovelaces smallest unit in Ada
to the same value of smallest unit in Japanese currency 1 Yen

1 Ada = 1,000,000 Lovelaces

when we do the same thing to bring the total of available units in Ada it gonna be
45,000,000,000 x 1,000,000 = 45,000,000,000,000,000 Lovelaces as total
from the point that 1 Lovelaces = 1 Yen = 1 cent that’s lead to 45,000,000,000,000,000 cent
which is 450,000,0000,000,000 USD which is mean that is the value of the max supply of Ada

now to get the value of the one Ada is the total value in USD divide by the max supply
450,000,0000,000,000 / 45,000,000,000 = 10,000 USD for one Ada

from other way from what they mentioned those unbelievable smart guys in a very simple why look at it ,
their example was talking about 25 Billion Ada to explain when you talk about money unit for Ada

as what saw earlier the whole project in Japanese yen and the large than USD to go from Yen to USD we need to divided by 100 that’s simple take us from 25B to 250M and the other thing Ada has six digits from the decimal not eight for Bitcoin that’s also going to adjust one more time and goes to 2.5 M ADA you know what they mean simple they saying if you want to look at the Ada as units in this example is 25 billion Ada but as a value its equal to 2.5 M Ada that’s mean as money 2.5 Million Ada money unit worth 25 billion Ada unit do the math 25B/2.5M = 10,000 $

even better with this price even we didn’t talk about the current phase Ada fees which is will be destroyed and also we didn’t put the factor of more than 13 Billion Ada not even minted yet i mean it will go much over 10,000 $ very easily these to things will drive the price insanely high , I promise you guys that’s what will happen i believe in the project , the Idea and even the most is the amazing team behind it , good luck guys


$10k? Ummm… yeah, nope!

As much as I’d like to believe it and as much faith that I have in the project and team, I highly doubt it’s reaching $10k. I find it hard to believe it reaching $50, $100…

Let’s just take one step at a time shall we? $1+ next year… $3-5 by the end of 2018? perhaps $5-10 in 2019?? and “maybe” $10+ by 2020?

$10k is just not possible imho… I don’t see any coin reaching BTCs values any time soon: $10k+… And I’m not even a BTC fan!


I’m with Wobster and taking the long term view on ADA. I’m old enough to remember the dot com boom/bust. Investors such as Warren Buffett didn’t believe in that either, just like he doesn’t believe in crypto now, but the
truth is legitimate well run companies such as Amazon, Google, and Apple came out of that era, and well run
companies(hopefully ADA) will come out of this era and thrive.


Honestly, $10 would be a dream for me. XD I believe it is coming by the end of 2018 if the team can meet their goals. But that is also taking into account the death of Bitcoin (As the market leader). BTC Dominance: 45.7% as the time time that I’m making this post. It’s just going to be a player in the long run. It may be a big player, but it won’t be a dominator.


guys i got this prediction to let everyone know 10K $ its not far or too much this project based on science and great view for the future how its gonna be i mean they looked more in to the future from the way doing this project and how much scientist & researcher from all over world the point they aim for bigger than other coins doing right now ,

for example if one Lovelaces value goes to one cent this currency can swallow the whole world current GDP couple times but we cannot predicate the whole future ,

let me tell you something did you know how much Bitcoin is big from unites number perspective I mean how money unit we can buy it from the whole bitcoin Okay its 2,100,000,000,000,000 satoshi come from (21,000,000 max supply of bitcoin multiplied by how money satoshi in each Bitcoin )is not big enough now to say it will not hit even a 1 dollar but the fact its worth right now around 17,000$
Cardano they did the opposite large number of coins and less number of units but Bitcoin they give small number of coin and large number of units because 1 Ada = 1,000,000 Lovelaces but 1 Bitcoin = 100,000,000 satoshi

don’t say I’m crazy but what the really crazy thing about Ada its 21.43 % of the total Bitcoin units when we carry the dollar value for bitcoin and Cardano Ada and the way it has created just like magic its looks so large number but the realty it much smaller than how it look but carrying a huge value inside it in the same time.

just matter of time since everyone now so happy when they have like 0.01 Bitcoin they gonna understand its not small as we use to understand in this case it self even its much much easier for the people dealing with Ada rater than Bitcoin i told you these smart guys think big


Why not, seeing that USDs are maladjusted measurements anyway, 8.3 Trillion = 2.1 Trillion GDP growth.

5,000 Bolivars = $0.05 USD


It’s great to see your optimism Abu - and frankly, I’m right there with you. However, it’s important to remember that Cardano does not have a finished product yet. We’re all speculating here on what ADA will be given the project meets its goals. Even though I have great faith in the team (which is the reason why ADA is my only investment without a working minimum viable product - a personal rule that I’ve broken for Cardano), I think that a speculation of $10K is a little far reached. The points that you made (regarding the yen, digits from the decimal point, etc) are important factors that the majority of the industry is not aware of and something to be analyzed down the road.


I’m not particularly good at math, or all that well versed in economics, but I do believe the market cap of a coin with 26,000,000,000 in circulation, at $10,000 each, would be 10,000 x 26,000,000,000 – right? That’s a lot.

So despite the fact that I love this project, I’m going to say unequivocally that Cardano will never hit $10,000 per coin. But if successful I do see it doubling up on it’s current value time, and time, again.

And let me repeat myself in saying: everything I just said could be absolutely wrong. I wouldn’t rely on my math skills to save my life. So if I just brutalized my attempt at calculating the market cap for ADA at $10,000, I do hope somebody will correct me!


10K? Nah…not possible.
May be 100$. don’t underestimate crypto hype. These days, even sh*t coins going above 10$ and giving 1000% returns in 6 months. So, 100$ is right and good number.



I agree with you … and also disagree with you. I do believe it will it 10000 and i believe we need to be realistic, But I think you really need to consider the $500 to $1000 range. Why, Because you have to take into account the explosiveness of the market. I think we would all be in a agreement that we didnt exspect ADA to hit .50 right now. And Cardano’s market cap is increasing each week by alot. Plus once they start showing off the platform etc. anything can happen. I feel like we are low balling ADA coin.

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Your math skills are right on … I’d stake some Ada that we won’t see 10,000/coin for at least 10-15 years , as that would imply a 260,000,000,000,000 market cap , which is more than the projected value of the entire world econo memy (50-100 tn) …

Granted , if cardano could take over the world , through agi dapp and through economic forces, it could speculatively in my hyperbolic estimates , maybe achieve 10-50% of the global economy , through automation , and being that we have arguably reached the tipping point of pre singularity , the worlds economy will undoubtedly be worth 200-400tn in 2030 , so "wild speculation on future value "is just that , but it is maybe more credible in this case

You have to look at the 2nd derivative of value to see the big picture. The world economy has been doubling at a rate of once per 20 years (5% apr) from 1900 or 1800ad, until computing was developed … it is now arguably on the verge of increasing that rate at a small but steadily expanding rate of rate , such that , when we see AGI and or SI , maybe in the next 10 years , the world economic growth rate would be inexorably linked to exponential tech growth… It really always has been , but we as a planet are hitting the inflection point, where technological growth is creating economic growth faster than societies can keep up … what used to be 5% per year is now secretly 10 , and will hit 20 , and then keep moving from there . A flexible openly compatible smart ledger could be both a participant in the growth in terms of making a more perfect market , or it could literally take over the world of say , use cases … Either way , cardano and the dao value prospect can be expected to double over and over again reliably …

Futurist speculators have even called for a 200-2000% growth rate per YEAR in the coming decades due to Agi/SI , that would literally be the technological singularity in action , one step away from post scarcity economics … We are talking 2030-2050 here …

Is cardano the best bet now ? Yes … is it going to take over substantial parts of the world economy? (and achieve trillion dollars valuations) , possibly , the devs are working really hard as evidenced by hoskinson’s poem on Twitter …



Hi guys really I do appreciate your diving in Cardano Ocean
I wanna say something when I said 10,000 $ i wanna say its possible from where i come from its got value inside it i will show you something and I need you to see what I’m seeing.

Let us see this : when we have any currency we should dive more deep to the smallest unit in that currency and what it can gives us value for example let us use the Dollar we can buy by a cent like 0.05 CENT simple or even 0.01 and that is the smallest from USD in the case we talk about the Future we need to talk about the units inside each Crypto currency as well like Lovelaces & satoshi and both of them worth less right now but the different between them our Boy Lovelaces got more value inside make it more useful for the future.

let us see this thing so quick
1 BTC = 100,000,000 Satoshi
1 BTC = 13,000 we can say 100,000,000 Satoshi = 13,000 Then 1 Satoshi = 0.00013
--------------------------------------------------------- the same thing with Ada
1 Ada = 1,000,000 Lovelaces
1 Ada = 0.36 the Fact => 36 Yen = 0.36 then 1 Ada = 36 Yen , simple from the Ada project applied for Japanese Yen .

1 Lovelaces = 0.000036 $

let us compare both of them together to see what is the magic behind it
assume 1 BTC = 13,000 & 1 Ada =0.36

1 BTC = 36,111 ADA
that’s lead to
1 Ada =1 BTC / 36,111 = 0.002769 % BTC

1 Lovelaces = 0.000036 & 1 Satoshi = 0.00013

                                 1 1Lovelaces  = 27.69%  Satoshi

the conclusion is 1 BTC around 3611 Ada but 1 Satoshi less than 4 Lovelaces
this is the value what I’m talking about inside Ada
I’m not even talk about the real future after destroying some Ada’s of the transactions fees for this Phase , also when you put in your mind the different between BTC 9 years old and Ada 3 months old by that very clear the Ada more useful in daily base life .
its so many things guys we need to figure it out

we can go more and more farther in this amazing project the way i believe on it made me see the light how the future of cryptocurrencies.

Note : Chainomatic regarding how much large the currency it doesn’t matter for Ada simply when you go back to Zimbabwe or Venezuela currency don’t just have a look in the biggest unit to apply it simply look what is there smallest unit they can use in that currency as they did in Japan the smallest unit is Yen thanks guys


Would much rather see a slow but steady growth in value, and see it gain mainstream adoption so that I can use it in real life.


Dude, you are a genius!


I’m sorry, but this is silly. I don’t think speculative fantasy is constructive.
We all know that cryptocurrency has the potential to transform the way value is transferred and expressed, and when this happens (and it Will happen), your comparison to existing fiat valuations will be totally irrelevant.
Even IF you assumed that Cardano could replace Every fiat financial exchange globally, your math doesn’t pan out. GWP is around 100T (-“ish”), there are around 45B max Ada… super crazy theoretical valuation doesn’t ever exceed around 2.2k, right?
And let’s be honest, Cardano is developed to solve current problems with digital financial transactions, and expand upon the ways we can ascribe valuation. It will absolutely change the world, but when it does don’t expect that you’re gonna go cash in for Fiat.



I am sorry for being a skeptic but the fact that 1 Cardano = 1,000,000 Lovelaces is rather arbitrary in the sense that if 1 Cardano = 1,000 Lovelaces then you calculations would yield a maximum Cardano value of $10.

1 BTC = 1,000,000 Satoshis is also rather arbitrary.

following the same logic any dev could create a coin with 16 decimals of a precision and then say that the maximum value of their coin would be astronomical even if it current was only worth .01 cent.

Interesting analysis but lets focus on building an engaged community and honestly these wild predictions make people uneasy and less willing to get involved because it feels scam-like if people are talking about future price increases like this.

Be conscious of the skepticism, we just saw all the coins drop 50% in 24 hours, so lets just focus on the core project and shy away from this speculative hype rhetoric



ADA is years in the making – not 3 months old.

Wasn’t the original ICO back in 2014?


I think people here refers to what that ADA purchasing power will be comparable to current FIAT once ADA is a more established way of exchanging value

Yea, keep optimistic!