I want to delegate but I can't do it well

Hello, everybody.

I want to delegate but I can’t do it well

This is the delegate command I did. What is the problem?

[Delegate your stake]

ACCOUNT_SK=$(cat receiver_secret.key)

(My stake_pool_id or someone else’s id does not seem to work.)

ACCOUNT_PK=(echo {ACCOUNT_SK} | jcli key to-public)

ACCOUNT_ADDR=$(jcli address account --testing $ACCOUNT_PK)


echo {ACCOUNT_SK} > {SK_TMP}

jcli certificate new stake-delegation {STAKE_POOL_ID} {ACCOUNT_PK} | jcli certificate sign ${SK_TMP}

rm ${SK_TMP}

[Check that your stake is delegated]

jcli rest v0 account get $(cat receiver_account.txt) -h

you have to make a blank transaction which includes the certificate and broadcast it !
Otherwise no one knows on the network what you just did :slight_smile:

Can you tell me the link with the command?

Did i make a mistake in the command?

Or is there a problem with the network settings?

Those steps are incomplete. There’s new documentation now that has all the steps needed to delegate: