I'd like to know more about the Cardano Foundation


Who are these guys? and why should we trust them with the future of Cardano?


Michael Parsons has over 25 years’ experience as an executive and consultant in the banking industry, with a strong emphasis on technological innovation. An early evangelist for Bitcoin, he has become one of the UK’s leading authorities and thought leaders on blockchain distributed ledger technology for financial services and a sought-after speaker and advisor on the subject. He currently serves as the Chairman and Executive Director of the Cardano Foundation, which promotes and supports the new Cardano blockchain protocol. There his mandate is to promote the protocol and associated Cardano ecosystem as well as positively influence the emerging commercial and legislative landscape for blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.

Special Advisor

Robert (“Bob”) McDowall is a former Member of the States of Alderney, one of the Channel Islands , where he serves as Chairman of the Policy & Finance Committee, the senior decision making Committee. He now has a number of consulting and advisory roles in the private sector. Bob is a frequent contributor to the financial industry media and has over 35 years experience in the Banking,Securities and Investment Industry. He has an LL.B from University College London He is a Member of the Court of the Tin Plate alias Wireworkers Livery Company and is a former President and a Trustee of the Folklore Society based at the Warburg Institute in London.