Michael Parsons has resigned with immediate effect


Cardano Foundation have announced that there has been a change in the Cardano Foundation Council. Michael Parsons has resigned with immediate effect, Pascal Schmid takes over as Chairman on an interim basis.

Read more here: https://cardanofoundation.org/en/news/cardano-foundation-statement-13th-november-2018


:grinning: One of those times when clicking a heart just isn’t enough… :smile:


:clap::clap: This is unbelievable! Just wow! :clap::clap:


The day just got a lot better…:clap:



Congratulations! The open letters and the petition worked!


A huge thanks to the @GuardiansOfCardano for all the work they did. Let’s hope that Pascal Schmid can bring together a creative, intelligent and diverse board to help this ecosystem flourish to what I believe it is capable of!


:clap: Faster than I thought.


That’s Good News. Luckily, this time there’s no Cardano vs Cardano Classic…lol. In fighting usually produce splits (Ether vs ETC, BTC vs BCH, etc.). Thanks to Mr. Parsons for resigning even though he should have done it earlier.


:heart_eyes: Very good news indeed!!!



Very good news. Now let’s hope that no funding has travelled from Cardano Foundation to Cardano AG. I hope that Pascal Schmid will bring light into some of these obscure questions soon.


I applaud this change. Mr Parsons is a man of conscience and I am sure the foundation will do well under new leadership.


This is evidence of the strength the Cardano community has! Good things are coming. Just a matter of time.


Great news! Congratulations to Pascal Schmid.


Very well done to the Guardians and to every other person that highlighted this issue and applied pressure.

Good luck Pascal :clap:t2:

Time for business :muscle:


While I do not agree with many actions of Michael Parsons this was a good step for Cardano with his actions. Lets show some real class here as a community now and look forward!


This. Class.


MP going outspace??
nice :slight_smile:


About time! Good riddance!


The project feels cleaner already! Can you smell that fresh air!! Can YOU?!!
This is wonderful news everyone! Props to all those who helped achieve this result.