Michael Parsons has resigned with immediate effect

Agreed many thanks to all involved.


Our efforts have not been in vain,thanks to the @GuardiansOfCardano, cheering for a better tomorrow for Cardano:beers:


Such good news, what a relief. Made the rest of my year to hear this news. Thank you to everyone who participated in getting him out.


I was thinking the same thing, Pascal was part of something too…


The Guardians of Cardano’s open letter to Michael Parson provided a very good summary of what the foundation should have been doing. It would be great to see the new chairman and board members at least tick off the suggestions outlined in that document.


I had a longer bike ride today, a good time to think about things…

I assume that Pascal Schmids function in the board was to make sure that the foundation doesn’t violate against Swiss law. I don’t think that he knows a lot about Cardano itself and maybe he’s not even very interested in Cardano. Why do I believe this? Because he is in the board of more than 30 Swiss companies and foundations. You just cannot be into this many organisations by passion. Not to be misunderstood: I don’t think that this is bad. If checking that the Foundation acts in the frame of Swiss law was his duty and he carried out it then everything is fine. But this also means that he’s not the right person to run CF for more than the absolute necessary time.

What should be the next steps then?

1.) Pascal Schmid should appoint (asap!) additional members to the board which have the knowledge and the confidence of Charles Hoskinson and Ken Kodama. These board members should be appointed only for a limited period, maybe a year or so. Afterwards there should be an election of the board members by the community. I think, Cardano should be able to manage such an election next year at this time. This way CF can very soon start doing what they were supposed to do since a long time and Cardano can show next year how crypto-democracy can flourish.

2.) The staff of CF who now work for IOHK should return to CF as soon as possible to avoid the impression that IOHK tries to gain power by the CF mess.

3.) The new board of CF should release transparency reports concerning all the open questions which were raised by the Guardians and the rest of the community. For the future they should decide on transparency rules for the CF and regular transparency reports.

What do you think about that? Am I wrong in some point?


I agree. I would like to see the charter or constitution for the foundation to understand the nomination and election process for board members.


I think it’s very loose, the board (Pascal ATM) can do pretty much what it wants, that’s how MP got away with so much - - or so little.


I made a suggestion that he’s a guest on the Cardano Effect. I think it would be a positive move if he were to engage with the community early on to discuss his thoughts and plans


Fantastic news its about time

I’m bumping this because i think having Pascal on the show during the transition is a very good idea, it would also be a first for the Cardano Foundation, having someone from upper management talk to the community that is.

It would help the community understand the transition, as @DarfADA said.

@rickymac @philpa @SebastienGllmt.

Worth a shot?


I fully agree on this one. @rickymac @philpa, have you considered this?


Yes, we would love to have him on the podcast. We don’t have direct communication with him, but we have put it out there.


pascal.schmid@cardanofoundation.org, from https://cardanofoundation.org/en/news/cardano-foundation-statement-13th-november-2018/


Yes, worth a shot, definitely. I think this would be great for Pascal and the community. I would really like to meet him.

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Yes, this is a good idea Andy.

Credits to @DarfADA

True great news! Recently I also learned that Timur Aartemev also announced about leaving BGRF

Was not aware of the BGRF looks like a great organization.