Should we be voicing our opinion and be asking Michael Parsons to resign?

Just wanted to get feedback as to what everyone thinks?
I’ve never been worried since i started investing in Ada, mainly because of the strong team and community. The last 24 hours have shook my stable pillars a little bit and i would appreciate some of your intelligent opinions. ( keep in mind i will never, and have never, sold or Tethered my Ada. I never have and never will. For better or for worse, will always hodl my ada). I buy every week, and once i buy, those Ada will never be back available on the market! :wink:


the question is, is there more we can do other than just voicing our opinion?


You could contact the Civil law section of the canton of Zug and forward the concerns of the community and ask for legal council if these constitutes a duty for the supervisory body in Zug to enforce a new board. Then again the community needs to be ready and have already tought about who we want to suggest into the board before one takes this step. Perhaps a deal could be struck if the current board where to get into dialogue.

And while that is one process in parallel we can make sure the community is robust enough that even if cardanofoundation and these forums where to disappear tomorrow or even start hostile actions like taking down posts etc you could carry the discussion onward so basically keep reddit etc active and alive. Also the community should arrange meetups and other community activities without the founding of CF and be prepared for this. Luckily IOHK and Emurgo has said they are going to pick up where CF left on these things.

What is needed is a serious discussion on how we want a foundation portion of the Cardano ecosystem to work. I wish we had more research on this so we can do this in an appropriate matter. Just as you do formal language and make the ground work for a great code you can do the same with a theoretical framework for a foundation and on how it should have accountability and transparency. We have many domain experts here in the community in areas such as marketing, code, psyhcology, law etc. If we all came together I am sure we could figure out a smarter way than the current way.


Here is what Michael Parson has been liking on twitter lately.

22 hours ago he seems to have enjoyed the post about “The Cardano Foundation is an independent legal entity governed by its council, thus the Cardano community, IOHK and Emurgo cannot force the chairman to resign.”

I am not so sure mr Parsons would enjoy as much the Swiss Civil Code article 83d and 85d . It is quite clear any 3rd party can forward concerns to the supervisors of the foundation and the supervisors CAN among other things appoint a new board.

For me at this point it is a disgrace. Instead of adressing the concerns of the community he seems to be busy on twitter liking posts about not being able to force the chairman to resign.


What i find particularly interesting about our situation is how good we did without the promised resources from the foundation.

Waiting for the treasury model seems like a sub-optimal solution imho. Isn’t it better to give a community the means to experiment with self governance as soon and as much as possible?

Personally i think establishing common ground during a timeframe in the development, when there is still some leeway for making mistakes and learning from those mistakes would make for a superior approach. That timeframe starts with the shelley release…

Like @philpa said in his last video, Cardano succeeding or failing is highly dependant on the community.

This community could have been so much bigger, and more prepared for shelley if certain parsons actually cared for growing and educating it. We have an amazing community with an exceptionally strong core.

Just imagine if that 600 000$ would have been spent on community building.

Just, close your eyes… find your inner sanctum… and imagine it…


DemandIng an audit of the foundation through a third party not chosen by CF, when our voices reach peak volume?

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Well said. I think the proactive nature of this movement highlights just how strong the community is.


I’m right there with you. This was a little upsetting to read about and I was a little worried at first, but I believe in cardano and the many people working on it. The response from Charles and the Guardians of Cardano have eased any worries I had. I appreciate what the Guardians are doing and the work they have put in. I don’t know a lot about this guy Michael Parsons, but from what I do know, I don’t think he is the man for the job. One positive thing I can say about this is that it has motivated me to learn more about all of this. I had not paid much attention to what exactly the Cardano Foundation’s role is and what they have been doing. This has sparked my curiosity to learn more.

I am actually kind of excited about all this. It’s like we’ve had a broken limb and have been kind of ignoring it hoping it would heal by itself. Now we are acknowledging that this is likely not going to happen and we need to take action to fix the limb. It’s amazing to me how successful this project has been (regardless of price) and how this community has grown so organically even though we have had this issue. Once this issue is resolved, hopefully by replacing the chairman and expanding the council, we will have healed our broken limb and will come out of this stronger. :muscle:


Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. Are there any groups currently pursuing legal action? Perhaps we need to organize first?


Does anyone know if there’s been any feedback from Mr Parsons or the foundation on what their intentions are? I note that there’s been a number of social media posts and the partition has gathered over 3000 names but I haven’t seen a response.

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No response so far as I am aware of to the questions. To me that is a response in itself.

Thanks for wanting to contribute! that’s why I am proud of this community. So many people working for a better future.


I’m helping share developments on Stocktwits. I’ve got a small following on there. That my part for now.


Still why I am here.

Ok. Nice @Eystein_Hansen I was just scared when this topic popped up again in the “latest list”.:grin:

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