Ideas to defeat Youtube Giveaway Scams

I dont watch many YT vids on crypto - I prefer to read the sites. But this evening I started noticing and reporting Cardano Giveaway sites. I flagged 10 as scams on YT, reported them on the Chrome Report Phishing Page and Cardano How to report scam page. 9 went down - I guess plenty of other people were also reporting them. The last one has over 10K people watching an old live stream of Charles Hoskinson… I wonder how much ADA they will lose…? Ironically Charles finishes one of the casts with a Kiva giveaway… then it rolls into a “Live Stream” from Aug 13th.
I’m a developer but I’ve been working on ERP systems (SAP ABAP) for years(left that and starting on Haskell now!). I’ don’t have much exposure to Web development but it would be an interesting exercise to put together a web scraper and (maybe using ai) search for all the vids with Cardano/ADA in the title and then search the screens for words such as “Giveaway” - This would make it easier to find scam candidates, confirm and report them automatically using a script/APIs etc. I’d be happy to to the ‘grunt’ work for someone skilled in these topics to get some experience and solve this horrible problem.
Whilst this is getting sorted… How about Cardano buys Youtube ads to air before vids containing Cardano/ADA content? - It could be cheaper than the lies that could circulate around scam victims who suffer from the carelessness of YT rather than Cardano…

Hey there!

Hoskinson does say in his latest video about scams that he would gladly write a script to detect and automatically takedown the videos, although they would have to work with YT, and Alphabet couldn’t care less.

I totally understand your point, but IOG as a company that has clients/users suffering due to the lack of respect, to put it politely, for their community, would be reasonable to feed the beast?

This just need to be taken to court, simple and straight as that.

Already around here tons of topics regarding this ammount to 235k+, +/-, today someone said that in 2 months got back 60% of the funds through the judicial system; still I don’t see anyone paying attention to that, that goes in line with what hoskinson stated, bringing YT to legal terms.


Thanks jpsrrv. I hadn’t entertained the notion of winning at law against YT. That would be great!
But wouldn’t a script be helpful to prevent new cases?
I’d be happy to collaborate with folk to create a hybrid solution using tech and volunteers monitoring at vulnerable times such as weekends
Manual start - collaborate to monitor new YT post titles for ‘Cardano’, ‘Ada’
- manually check posts for giveaways
- flag as scams on YT
- Check Cardano Fraud Detection Bureau list for URL and add if absent
Requirement: Cardano creates site where volunteers schedule given periods - starting with most vulnerable times and aiming for 24/7
Whilst we do this - volunteers collaborate on queries/screenscrapers to automate the above