I'm creating an open-source trading framework. Looking for feedback/suggestions

Here is the github link.

This framework aims to allow anyone who can code a bit to build and test a strategy then run a trading robot. It’s meant to be easy to get started and comes with common capabilities as managing a candlestick database and emailing you every time a trade is made .

Right now there is out-of-the-box support for Binance if anyone here is interested in crypto, but I built this to be extensible: implement 2 interfaces to integrate with another exchange or broker to trade stocks, forex or whatever instrument you want to trade. This is code you’d have to write regardless – e.g. to submit a buy order, or update your trading account balance.

It allows building strategies that combine signals from different time intervals and comes with some known technical indicators, and one I created called DirectionIndicator, which uses linear regression to predict what the next value in a sequence will be, so you can try to anticipate the direction of prices/indicators.

The readme shows a few examples and I hope you guys find it useful.

Please contribute if you can: suggestions, bugs or code are welcome. I plan to add way more indicators there over time, so if you have a list let me know and I’ll give priority to them.

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I stumbled upon your project when I searched for a java live trading framework. I haven’t created a bot yet but from the docs, it looks great!

Apart from indicators, can you add some utility methods like HHV(n), LLV(n). Meaning highest high/lowest low values in last n bars and things like that?
I think methods like these can be a good reference:

Once I dvelve deeper into univocity architecture, I may even contribute.


Hey thanks for the feedback. Indicators for Highest and lowest values in the last n bars sounds exactly the same as what the Donchian Channel does. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you.


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I see.
I work on system development in Amibroker and I was looking at a good framework to take them live. Hopefully, I will write a bot in Univocity soon. The experience itself can teach me how to convert AFL(Amibroker’s array based language) logic to univocity seemingly robust live framework.