Trading software suggestion

Hi to all.
Am looking for some basic trading software,that i can use for checking highest daily value.
So, something like sound alarm :slight_smile: that would trigger when some predefined value is reached…
Btw. am using mostly binance as exchange service…

It would be nice if this software would support most of the altcoins.
Any suggestion is welcome !

Btw. can some one explain what does M1 and those %, meens in this prediction diagram:

Is this some yearly prediction ?.
I dont think so, because Cardano is dropping quite hard so this has no real meaning…


I use Blockfolio on my phone. You can set-up alerts when price reaches certain levels and choose your exchange… You also have the Delta app which apparently is good but I never tried it.

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i would need some laptop version ( linux / windows OS )

Here is a short definition of M0, M1, M2, M3 and M4 Financial Times

I love Coincheckup. But I wouldn’t rely too much on their predictions, because no one can predict this market.

I found this :