Hi & News about a better Cryptocurrency Tracking site

Dear all,

I’m Bob and great to be here. I’m a Cardano fan although I don’t know all the details about the project.
I wanted to say “Hi” to all, wish happy holidays and share some great news.
My teammates and I recently launched what we believe is a better Coinmarketcap.
Our site, called Coinlib offers real-time price updates, an advanced portfolio, alerts, price comparisons and lots of other cool features.
I would love to hear some feedback and thoughts.
Here’s Cardano’s page: https://coinlib.io/coin/ADA/Cardano



Looks nice.

A few suggestions for readability :

  • reduce size of total market cap, dominance and 24 hour volume.
  • increase size of each currency data and push higher towards header
  • reduce size of coin logos (maybe greyscale them)
  • add a pause button to freeze live data
  • light and dark option

Hope that helps, nice work

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Thank you for the suggestions @jellylo and really happy to hear you like it.
We have several design and UI changes coming soon. We’ll definitely add your suggestions in our ‘features-to-consider’ list