Cardano is getting another great listing

Hi Cardano Community
Quick update on exchanges

I have used the SwissBorg app and it’s one of the best platforms i’ve tried over the last 3 years,
Very competitive rates and probably one of the best things, ease of use and speed.

They also have a great community and yesterday they presented their TOKEN HOLDER REPORT (sort of AGM)

Very impressive figures and development (24 off slides, if you’re interested to know the headlines of what they’re doing

They are going to be listing CARDANO, this is great news as the onboarding and exposure this will add to Cardano is a brilliant development.

If anyone wishes to connect with Swissborg feel free to pm me for a ref link, or go straight to their website,
Full disclosure if you use my ref link we both benefit
Hope you enjoyed the update :blush:

ps attached is a photo of the slide re CardanoSwissborg