Cardano's addition to Bloomberg Terminal

Hello everyone,

So I’ve seen the news regarding the addition of Cardano to Bloomberg 2 days ago but it keeps not showing up when I try to look for it into my own terminal access. Could someone give me the ticker please?

Many thanks!


Along with that, I kindly request a transcript of the info provided by Bloomberg, if possible!


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I found it. you have to go through the “search” function and then type Cardano to find the definition. Given the medias enthusiasm around the news I thought Cardano had been added to the coins price listing but the list remained the same.


Thank you Cassandre!

I’m glad they took in high consideration the peer-reviewed method of Cardano’s construction and stating it’s a de facto third-gen blockchain; and not the always “said to be”!

Another point worth of mention and, IMHO, of huge impact in the coming age, is the interoperability, not diminishing scalability ofc.