Tron edges Cardano out of the top-ten- are we gonna let this stand?! C'mon Charles, let's get something done and renew our status!

Tron has managed to edge Cardano out of the top-ten crypto-projects for the first time- Tron’s previous emergence into the top-ten didn’t affect Cardano, but now the two are fighting for the title. While it might seem to some as a trivial placement title, I can assure you that being a top-ten crypto puts a project in a whole different category as the rest of the 2 thousand shitcoins that are under the top-ten. Do we want Cardano to be grouped with the rest of the shitcoin pack? Hell-no! Which is why it is imperative that Cardano put their project back on the crypto map and start posting some progress or forever be grouped with the rest of the dying crypto-projects out there. Personally, I’m tired of staying in the same league as Monero, Tron, and Bitcoin-SV as a project that should be in the top-three and I’m weary of watching Cardano’s value, market-cap, and chart placement drop on a regular basis. For God’s sake put these inferior projects in their place and start showing them what we’re made of- or forever regret your missed opportunity to do so.

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Position is irrelevant. All in time. Tbh, this is a great thing right now. Let the price go way down then buy back in.


Yeah it does smack the pride, but let the markets play out. It’s like we are going through a ‘cleansing’ to purify the good from the bad.
It will take a few months, a lot will collapse.

Cardano will survive and win :+1:

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I hope so brother. I do still believe, don’t mistake my concerns- I’m n till the end, but am a bit discouraged by recent events is all, :-). All the best.

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I hear you. Let’s hope the coming developments position us where we belong, ;-).

All the best too you as well JJ :sunglasses:
It does get annoying/frustrating watching all these other coins which (imho) are not right, take the limelight and move.

Given how young the company is and the scope of the project, I think they’re doing a phenomenal job. I feel that Charles is working his ass off. He’s everywhere and gives interviews to everyone.

If he’s an indication of the type of person that works at IOHK, I feel pretty secure.


Agree. Thanks my man:sunglasses:

BTC to 1k. Hold on to your hats folks!

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