Any news on Cardano being listed on Coinbase?

No. If there were you’d know about it. Likely not happening till d < 0.5 at a minimum

I was thinking anytime from Sept onward.

Why not happening until d < 0.5? Surely, the longer it takes the more time we are giving competitors to gain lead or make ground?

Not sure what you mean. We don’t have control. Coinbase decides who they want to list. As long as d>= 0.5 we aren’t a decentralized cryptocurrency.


Coinbase has a checklist for listing new projects. Decentralization is one of the criteria. With that said they listed XRP and I don’t see that as decentralized so I personally take it with a grain of salt. Here is the check list look at it yourself to get an idea when you think Cardano satisfies the various requirements:

I personally think they are waiting to make sure Shelley is baked in with no technical issues before they list it. Also regarding how quickly Cardano decentralizes with the d parameter slow and steady wins the race. Much more important to do it carefully with no problems than race to do it for a coinbase listing or whatever. You need to take the long view here no need to panic. I can say with confidence they are working with Coinbase right now and it will happen when it’s ready. I think it will happen this year.


Wow, somehow never heard of this Coinbase criteria, I always thought the holdup was on our end. Thanks for the information both :slight_smile:


Listing of any crypto on any exchange is always up to the exchange – it’s their business! (Though of course the crypto people can make suggestions and requests, offer technical support…)

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