Would Cardano soar on Coinbase?

Has there been any news on if Cardano will be on Coinbase?

Ya that would kick it up a notch. I havent heard any news but I would expect Ripple to be listed next. Then hopefully if ADA maintains its market cap position sometime before the end of the year ADA.

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I hope, that would save some on transaction fees. :sunglasses:

If Robinhood accepts Cardano, nothing like it. No transaction fees at all :slight_smile:

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I haven’t tried Robinhood yet. Love Binance, getting ready to try Kucoin. Don’t like Cryptopia’s layout at all.

Coinbase requiers the coins to be Descentralized so 1. XRP will not be listed 2. Ada could be listed from q2 (when Shelley goes live and cardano will be 100% descentralized)


Kucoin is messing up ppl tx fee (btc) so when you withd they charge ~10 usd, but after batch send it with 5 sat (lowest poss

There’s an article out there, don’t have time to track it down just now, says Robinhood will not allow transfers in or out of crypto and will have hidden fees due to not being an exchange, just a broker.