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anyone knowing the causes of this sudden rise?

I guess the latest vid with Charles answering a lot of questions.

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Like Ghost said, I also think the interview with crypto candor made a big impression. I have also noticed that the graph from ripple and ada seem to move simultaneously in the same directions. Seems to me people are hedging against a broken bitcoin system, playing the two edges of the spectrum, ripple representing the banks, as well as ada representing the people who want a better world and a crypto platform that will work as a future winner.

I think that more people are understanding the scope of the cardano project now, this is not just a cryptocurrency, it’s a scalable self sustainable interoperable platform. Daedalus is to become a universal wallet for all crypto. With one click install plugins.

In the interview Charles said that ripple could serve as an intermediate between banks and cardano (I should watch the interview again to have the exact context to what was said).