Friday episode of The Cardano Effect for the Cardano 1.5 release coming up featuring Duncan, Charles, David, Neville and Ravi

This was a quick to plan, record, edit and release in preparations for the soon to come Cardano 1.5 release. This podcast is packed with great information and one of the most intense yet. I hope you enjoy!


Some of the most important takeaways from this podcast that I personally learned.

  1. Exchanges need to upgrade to the V1 API to be compatible with Cardano 1.5
  2. We don’t know which exchanges upgraded from V0 to V1
  3. V1 API is reverse compatible to Cardano 1.4 individual wallets.
  4. V0 API is not forward compatible to Cardano 1.5
  5. This is a hard fork coming up. There will be 2 hard forks to completely transition to Shelly.

Personally, I am going to get my Ada off the Exchange, then upgrade my Daedalus to 1.5, then wait for the all clear signal that the exchange ( I use Bittrex ) has upgraded their API. I think I will wait until 1.5 is released, then contact Bittrex. Just my personal take, not financial advice.



I followed the links to upload the Daedalus 1.5 upgrade and found no upgrade link anywhere in the web sites.

I also scoured my Daedalus wallet for links to an update path. There are none.

Any one have any idea about where to get the upgrade so I can download it.

In my opinion this should have been simplified with A website that had the downloadable code and instructions. This bouncing to different places to download, talk with other’s in the community and then use the trouble desk is just nonsense. One place, One set of solutions.

1.5 is not released yet. Hence, you do not find it yet.
Once it is shipped, it will be available to download on the same website:

I have been trying to find the download of 1.5 and couldn’t. It’s been frustrating after listening to the latest recording about it. It was stated that people should do it as soon as possible. It was also implied that the download could be done now. It can’t. Obviously the 1.5 version isn’t ready. as of 2-25-2019

The 1.5 release was never communicated as released (as indicated in the Video and on the title, they are talking about upcoming 1.5 release), what @rickymac mentions above is how he would prepare for the upgrade (when it arrives). Apologies if the text summary above caused a confusion. Once released, it will be announced (as with other releases and updated on the website).

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His Yeshyaschildren,
I am sorry if the information came across as 1.5 is availble. My apologies for the confusion if that was not clear enough.


I spent a day trying to find it and was concerned I missed something. I wateched the presentation 3 times to check and recheck.

It seemed like we could immediately download it and were being encouraged to do so. I suppose I just didn’t get it from the presentation.

When will the release be available to update our Daedalus wallets?

Thank you for your reply.

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I don’t know when 1.5 will be out, but I suspect not very long.

The team worked their butts off to get the ledger done. Congratulations due and given!

I’m betting they are all very hyped and are working to launch Shelly this month ahead of the April meeting. This IS a very big step for Cardano. Charles has seemed a little iffy about March. I’d bet on TEAM Cardano.

I suspect they will also want to launch Shelly as early as possible to catch any surprises before the April meeting and what ever announcements are made about the new direction.

I’m still not clear on what the old direction was. Any one know for certain? Wasn’t it to get the thing built and operational on the Mainnet?

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