Daedulus update 1.1 rolling out by tomorrow morning

Hi guys,

The 1.1 wallet update is ready, they will start rolling it out towards the end of the workday (takes approximately 12h to propagate through the cardano network), so it should be done tomorrow morning European time.

When you turn on daedalus you should see a notification for an update.

The update is the result of 3 months of engineering by 5 different companies, new log submission mechanism has been added together with numerous bug fixes and usability improvements.

They have now moved to rolling releases that will occur every 4 - 6 weeks. The April release will add paper wallets! Future releases will see ledger support and multisignatures being rolled into the system.

Exciting stuff!



Blockchain going agile! Amazing!

No changelog on sight yet?

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This is good. Thanks for the update.

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Apperently not, I checked the daedalus website. No change log or release notes yet. :expressionless:

Thanks for the update!